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The World in Your Classroom

Do you need a tool for your school to regularly highlight children’s conditions in life worldwide?

Give your pupils a chance to discover similarities in what might at first be looking strange. To have knowledge about other parts of our world creates a base for understanding other people. Let the discussion about human values go beyond your classroom walls.

Rafiki* is an educational programme for children in primary school. Rafiki is run by the two Swedish NGOs Erikshjälpen and Individuell Människohjälp.


Rafiki – what we can offer you:

  • The RAFIKI magazine – filled with fun and interesting stories about children around the world. Facts about food, animals, countries and environmental issues are mixed with the millennium goals to attract children to learn. The magazine, which is issued 4 times a year, is a great starting-point for discussions in the classroom and for finding out that children are the same even if they live under different conditions.
  • School visits – we visit your school and talk about children’s lives and situations around the world. From class teaching to the interactive experience The Rafiki Journey, which will take your whole class on an unforgettable trip, right in your own school.
  • Let your school in Sweden have communication and exchange with children in the South. The Swedish schools can take part in development operations, for the children to learn that you can take part in changing the world.
  • Teachers’ training – we inspire the pedagogues to bring the world into their classrooms and provide training on how to do it.

The Rafiki programme is working together with schools in Sweden and our partner schools in other countries.

The objectives of The Rafiki Programme:

– Increased knowledge about global questions and conditions – Give better understanding for other people’s situation – Realisation that one can change the word

* Rafiki means friend for all Swahiliispeakers.